Clay 5 Ways


We are so sorry – Clay 5 Ways has CLOSED

We were a ceramic arts gallery located in the  River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina


Gordon Batten of Two Rivers Studio.  Known for his unique, abstract landscapes with texture and color depth on the surface of his sinks, platters and dinnerware.

Joe Frank McKee of Treehouse Pottery.  Known for his use of alternative firing techniques such as fuming and copper mattes on decorative, contemplative  vessels as well has his functional pottery for everyday use.

Travis Berning of Treehouse Pottery.  The ‘Maple Leaf Guy!’  Travis uses gorgeous, rich glazes that surround maple leaves that look as though they are real – and at one time they were!  Travis makes functional ware as well as large platters that hand nicely on your wall.

Elise Pincu Delfield of Pincu Pottery.  Known for her red clay body and colorful drawings adorning her soft, feminine and functional pots.

Tom Seelos, known for his intricately carved and expertly thrown vessels.  His specialty are his lanterns in classical, volumetric shapes.  Unfortunately, Tom has no website.  Find him at the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands in Asheville, NC twice a year as well as some of their shops throughout the year.

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Five Potters, 5 Ways with Clay. A gallery in the River Arts District, Asheville, NC